2020 / 11 min

Rain Dogs

Yearning for turning in the Pacific Northwest

«RAIN DOGS» is a reference to WA State’s “finest” Rainier Beer, which kept us hydrated during our road trip through the PNW in February of 2020 BC (Before Covid). It’s also a slight hint to the predominantly moist weather we experienced on our visit State-side. A trip where our rental car smelled like a pack of wet dogs 24/7 and rain so persistent it could soak through even the toughest of Gore-Tex, it could not dampen our spirits or stop our mission to film Yearning For Turning in the Pacific North West. We had an absolute blast navigating the slopes of Baker, Crystal & Bachelor, linking turns on every type of snow imaginable, making new friends in the lift lines and down at the pub, eating day-old pizza from the tailgate in the parking lot, and drinking a couple Rain Dogs here & there. Collectively we tried our best to capture our turns in unknown territories, and are pretty darn happy with the outcome. Hope y’all enjoy it too!


Featuring: Nicholas Wolken, Lars Popp
Cinematography: Theo Acworth, Morgan Maassen, Aaron Schwartz, JP Schlick
Editor: Eliel Hindert
Creative Direction: Eliel Hindert, Nicholas Wolken, Aaron Schwartz
Graphic Design: Aaron Schwartz
Music Supervisor: Floren Chronie-De Maria
Locations: Mount Baker, Crystal Mountain, Mount Bachelor


Performed by Kompromat
Written by Julia Nadine Lanoe & Pascal Arbez-Nicolas
(P) Citizen Records
(C) Universal Music Publishing GmbH / (Strictly Confidential France)
(Ctz Publishing) & Budde Music / Downtown Music Germany

Performed by Not Waving
Written & produced by Alessio Natalizia
(c) & (P) Diagonal Records

«Baby, Bye»
Performed by Chikiss
Written by Galina Ozeran
(C) & (P) Galina Ozeran

«Der Mussolini (Giorgio Moroder & Denis Naidanow Remix)»
Performed by DAF
Written by Gabi Delgado Lopez, Robert Goerl
(P) With kind permission of Groenland Records
(C) Published by Wintrup MusikverlagCourtesy of Wintrup Musikverlag, Detmold/German

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